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Traveling With A Wheelchair Accessible Van?

Traveling With A Wheelchair Accessible Van?

Travelling is fun. There is no doubt about that. But pause for a moment and think about what it takes to travel with a physicality challenged loved one. You will have to take several factors into account. Travelling with a wheelchair accessible van is just but one of the main factors you will have to take into account. Driving one may sound easy. But like you will find out, there is much more into travelling in a wheelchair accessible van than just driving. Read on to find out more!

Know before you set off

This applies to just about any traveler. It is however much more important for anyone traveling with a handicap van. Take your time to find out more about all the best hotel accommodations and accessible destinations in advance. Make a list of all these places. Calling your desired hotel and accommodation facilities just to find out if they have ample handicap parking is also a good idea.

Be sure to ask what slow times and attractions peak are during the day. You will certainly have an easy time parking during a slow time compared to peak times when everyone is scrambling for parking. Then don’t just call. Book a room early. Insist on wheelchair friendly rooms. This will enable you to consider better alternatives should the hotel you wish to stay at disappoint you in one way or the other.

Talk to travel agents


Travel agents are indispensible. You will need them for several reasons. They can easily assist you to find accommodations in Victorville and attractions that can be accessed by people with disabilities with ease. Some can go an extra mile to map out your entire trip and highlight accessible eateries and rest stops along the way. It gets better with the fact that most, if not all travel agents usually guarantee hotel bookings made through them. With a competent travel agent on your bucket list, all you need to do is wait for your traveling date. Such kind of convenience is what any physically challenged person needs.

Look for handicap-accessible rest stops

Most rest stop locations throughout California and the US at large have handicap accessibility. There are some however that are not. Analyze your map again, then highlight all the handicap friendly rest stops along the way. It is the only way you can avoid finding yourself in a situation where you desperately and urgently need a handicap friendly rest stop and can’t find one.

Apply for travel insurance

There is no alternative when it comes to travel insurance issues. You will always need one. You however have to be extremely careful when filling out insurance forms. Disclose everything your insurer needs to know about your physical condition. This applies to your personal insurance as well as your handicap van insurance. Any insurance company will dismiss liability should they realize you didn’t disclose all material facts when filing out the insurance cover note.

Maintain your van

This is where things get tricky. You can easily have all the aforementioned tips in place but fall short of one or two things when it comes to maintaining your handicap van. Start with the standard check up procedures like ensuring your oil is changed, you have adequate air pressure and a spare tire. Remember your handicap van is not like any other van. Start by making sure the lower door tracks are free of dirt and debris. Use a portable vacuum cleaner along the tracks and a gentle detergent. Be keen on the areas that make your van special. Ensure hand controls and the kneeling chain areas are well lubricated. Your handicap’s van manual should explain all you need to know as far as maintaining all the vital parts of your handicap van is concerned.

Maintain your wheel chair

The condition of your wheel chair can go a long way to determine whether or not your vacation will be successful. So take your time to ensure it is flawless. This mostly applies to power wheelchairs. Focus on all electrical connections on the wheelchair. Clean the connections to protect them from erosion. You may have to clean the connections more often if you intend to travel during winter when most roads are salted. Simply turn off the wheelchair then remove buildup from the connections using a wire brush.

Plan your budget

Find out what all accommodation facilities on your wish list charge. Compare prices and what makes each facility special. Then narrow down your list to the most affordable accommodation facility for physically challenged people.

Get a helping hand

You will need someone to assist you move around from one place to another. This applies even to power wheelchair owners. Make arrangements with your hotel or other accommodation facilities you have in mind to have someone by your side all the time. Being on your own especially at a campsite is not a wise move for any physically challenged person.