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Top Tips For Traveling In California On A Budget

Top Tips For Traveling In California On A Budget

California continues to be one of the top tourist destinations, not only for American tourists, but also many coming to visit from abroad. California has something to offer for practically everyone from dry desert landscapes to top ski resorts. You can actually ski in the morning and swim in the sea in the afternoon; California is this kind of place.

The problem is that traveling in California can start to get expensive once you have paid for your airfare to fly in. If you are tempted to visit California’s big cities or enjoy the many theme parks your budgeted travel money can start to get strained very quickly unless you have a budget plan and stick to it.

Want to visit the National Parks?

California can boast some of the United States most beautiful national parks but to enter them you have to pay an admission fee for each one. The smart solution to drive your costs down is to purchase a National Park pass this will allow you to visit all the parks as often as you like for the course of a full year and you can expect so save some valuable bucks by going for this option. With your National Parks pass you can get ready to enjoy hiking, exploring and boating, even a picnic all on the cheap which can’t be bad.

The big Californian city hotels are not cheap

The big Californian cities are really attractive destinations and you don’t want to miss the chance to visit them during your vacation. The problem is that staying in a city like San Francisco can cost you as much as over $200 a night very easily.

California is blessed with a good public transport network and you should take advantage of this by looking at nearby smaller cities where the accommodation costs a fraction of that in the big city center and make your base there. As the public transport is plentiful and economic to use you don’t even need to hire a car to get into and out of the big city center. Don’t forget that the smaller cities also have plenty to offer, Berkeley, Victorville, Palo Alto and San Jose have plenty of really interesting attractions and sites to enjoy.

California’s secret beaches


Well they are not actually secret but they are off the hard beaten tourist track. California is well known for its beautiful and attractive beaches and its sometimes stunning coastline and in addition the coastline is long so it is always possible to find beaches where there are fewer tourists and are more tranquil.

A good recommendation is to head for Pismo beach which has great sandy beaches and is a stunning location but going there will not cost you a fortune. It is located between Los Angeles and San Francisco so should be very convenient to visit as part of your Californian travel itinerary. Pismo offers great restaurants were you can eat well without spending too much and many family attractions and activities, if you are thinking of a honeymoon location that will not cost you a fortune this is a location well worth considering. If you have hired a car nearby cities are within close reach.

If traveling during the “shoulder season”, head to the desert

The Californian desert begins to start heating up in March and April it will still be comfortable for you, beautiful and as important, affordable. After the February tourists have left the prices for accommodation drop as they head for home. Palm Springs and Victorville are both destinations that are well worth aiming for as they are perfectly placed to visit the desert and are within 2 hours distance of Los Angeles you will be guaranteed to find a cheap hotel in Victorville with rooms available during this time of year.

Enjoy the off season ski town

If you are not a passionate skier or snowboarder you can still enjoy the ski town resorts during the off-season period. It is a great way to spend a relaxing vacation and get some great deals at the same time. Big Bear Lake is well worth checking out as many of the hotels shops and amenities remain open during the off peak season. Apart from being one of the most beautiful locations in California it keeps running all year round.

Consider the admiration and envy of your friends when they find out that you have been able to spend your vacation in beautiful lodgings and spent your days, boating, hiking, and swimming. Or even for simply chilling out on the veranda reading a book or just taking a nap, while you only spent a fraction of the cost of being in the same location when the snows were falling. If you want a fantastic and affordable vacation at a great location Big Bear Lake should definitely be on your top list of locations to check out!