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Planning A Reconnaissance Visit Before Joining Victor Valley College

Planning A Reconnaissance Visit Before Joining Victor Valley College

Are you planning on joining the Victor Valley College in the near future? If so, it might be a good idea for you to plan on how to settle in as fast as you can. This is most often done through the use of a reconnaissance trip. This is essentially a trip to the city before you are due in college in order to get a feel of it. Doing this gives you the advantage of starting your studies without much of a hassle, particularly if you are new to the state or the country.

There are many people who often benefit from a reconnaissance this. For instance, if it turns out that you are unable to secure accommodation in the campus hostels, doing a reconnaissance gives you the opportunity to find out more about the real estate in the city. For instance, it will then allow you to find an apartment or other accommodation easily.

Such a visit is necessary to avoid having too much stress when you finally report to campus. Though most campuses will give new students some time to acclimatize, doing so before you even report will give you an edge and will help you settle much faster. How you do this is vital. It’s important to remember that such a trip can turn out to be very expensive, particularly if you don’t plan for it well. There are a number of ways of avoiding this, including:

Having a very clear plan

Why do you need a reconnaissance visit? Remember that different people will have different reasons for doing this, so you can’t use only one approach. For instance, there are some people who are sure that they may not get any accommodation on campus. This group of people will find it easy to go to the city in advance and then try to find the accommodation they need. This will buy more time to find the perfect apartment, rather than having to make rush decisions later on.

On the other hand, there are some people who are more of extroverts, and may be just interested in learning about the lay of the land before they settle in. This group may be interested in issues such as the popular night spots in the city as well as any other attractions that may be to their liking.

Plan your accommodation wisely


You may need to make wise decisions in your accommodation arrangements if the trip is to be worth it. For instance, if you are going to visit Victorville to look for an apartment, you will definitely need to book a motel if you have no friends or other people you can put up with in the city. In such cases, booking a cheap but high quality motel would be most ideal, since it allows you to avoid having to waste too much money on the trip.

In some cases, the location also matters a lot. Choosing a motel that is centrally located or which is in the region in which you are interested in staying will make it easier to do house hunting. It will reduce your travel costs to and from the neighborhoods, and will also reduce the stress associated with making such trips.

You may need to do a bit of research regarding the various accommodation options in the city before you head there. You can even call or email some of the motels to find out more about them and what they have to offer, so that you can then easily plan on which one to pick.

Have a timeline

You may find yourself spending a lot more time than usual in the city during the reconnaissance, and most of it may turn out to be wasted. To avoid this, you should ensure that you have a clearly defined timeline as well. One way to do this is to decide what you want to do each day you are there. This allows you to track your progress. Of course, you should also realize that there are times when you may face a few setbacks that will derail you. However, this should not deter you from trying to adhere to your plans as closely as possible.

Consider consulting

Do you know of other people who have gone to school in the same college? If so, you can call them beforehand to get an idea of what to expect by the time you go for the reconnaissance. They might give you excellent advice, including which location to get an apartment if you are looking for one. The college student office is also an excellent resource that you should definitely try out. It will give you loads of background information that will make your trip much easier.

In summary, there is a lot that you can do to make the reconnaissance trip more worthwhile. If you need accommodations in Victorville, talk to us and find out about our affordable facilities!