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Major Victorville Events You Can’t Afford To Miss

Major Victorville Events You Can’t Afford To Miss

Victorville has been featured in several leading magazines as one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Some have listed it as the fastest growing city in California. Such statistics prove one thing; that Victorville is irresistible. It also explains why the city plays an important role in California’s tourism department. With amazing hiking trails, sites along route 66 and friendly people, it is indeed hard to resist Victorville’s allure. Tourists visit and decide to stay. Others choose to come back at least once a year. Better yet, others choose to walk down the aisle and exchange vows here. But that’s not everything about Victorville. There are festivals and events all over the year that any traveler can enjoy. They include:

New Year’s Eve at Riverside Art Museum

Riverside Museum turns into something really spectacular every New Year’s Eve. It gets better this year. It is being transformed into a one of a kind, multi level backdrop to host 2014’s New Year’s Eve party. Whether you want to usher the New Year in a cozy place, try out your luck at one of the many gaming tables available or dance the night away, the choice is yours. An all inclusive ticket going for $70 will let you decide. Tag along a friend or two and make your trip to Victorville something to always remember.

Route 66 Festival


Victorville wouldn’t be complete without Route 66. Almost everything that defines the city and its people revolves around route 66. There is even a festival for the route. It is dubbed ‘the mother of all festivals’ for a reason. It brings together more than 10,000 locals and tourists showcasing a little bit of everything that Victorville has to offer. It is almost as if the event is one big festival with other small festivals in it. Artists and collectors showcase their pieces, alternative energy vehicles get lined up, people enjoy gold and bowling tournaments and so much more. The festival is simply a must attend event for anyone. It attracts tourists from as far as Australia and Europe.

The High Desert Festival

The festival will let you experience the very best in entertainment as you enjoy country music, rock, R & B, pop and so much more. You will also get to sample some of the tastiest Barbecues in the land prepared by top chefs as they compete for cash prizes and bragging rights. Ordinary tickets will let you taste a little bit of everything. VIP tickets on the other hand will let you have all – shaded seating, beverages, food and complimentary wine.

Victorville Tree Lighting Ceremony

It is often described as a warm event on a cool, slow and peaceful desert night. Show up and enjoy one of Victorville’s most treasured traditions – Christmas Tree Lighting. Enjoy free popcorn, hot chocolate and cookies as you sing Christmas carols with the locals and say hi to Santa. Kids get to say hi to Santa as well as Victorville’s Mayor. Remember to take advantage of the festivities and shop as much as you can during the season. You will enjoy great bargains and amazing offers.

San Bernardino County Fair

Only Route 66 Festival can rival the San Bernardino County Fair festival. It features performances, food, games and everything in between. Held every May, the fair attracts more than 100,000 people. It is not a one day event and sometimes goes for up to nine days. It is also a nice event to chat and make friends with the locals. There are concerts for children and adults alike as well as exhibitions that range from the motor world to livestock.

Look out for upcoming events

There is always something out there to get you going and enjoy what the city has to offer. It gets better with the fact that some of these events are free. Some offer contests with cash prizes, so you stand nothing to lose by attending. Remember to take advantage of each event and make friends with one or two locals. Then take as much snaps as you can, enjoy the food, the weather, the music and everything you can. You may also want to look for great bargains during these events. Visit different booths and window shop if you have to. After all, it is all about enjoying everything Victorville has to offer.


There is a reason why everyone loves Victorville. It never disappoints. You won’t have to worry about accommodation. There are lots of decent yet cheap motels that can offer bed and breakfast at unbeatable prices. Most of these facilities do not change their prices either before or during a major event. You can therefore visit Victorville and still book a room in one of the many motels in Victorville to enjoy a great travel experience while fitting into your budget!