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How To Get Cheap Hotel Rates Online

How To Get Cheap Hotel Rates Online

There are lots of online discount traveler and travel guide sites. These all make finding cheap hotel rates extremely tricky and confusing to many travelers. The best way to go about the whole searching process is to take your time and narrow the search through other, sometimes forgotten or less common methods of getting cheap hotel rates. Save your time, money and effort by knowing upfront precisely what you are looking for in a hotel. Here is how to go about finding cheap hotel rates online.

Start by seeking out specific discounts

Perform an in-depth online search through different websites to get a rate that perfectly suits your requirements and personal style. Arrange the search in a way that can enable you to list the cheapest hotels in your price range. This way, you will be able to decide on which hotel rates best meet your requirements.

Go through different travel websites searching for other potential discounts

While going through the travel websites, look for membership discounts and online coupons as some hotels not only offer discounts to the seniors, AAA members, and also to specific travel groups, but also allow non-members to sign up for free membership. This can save your travelling expenses with as much as 10-20% overall.

Decide the kind of accommodation you want


By deciding what kind of accommodation you want upfront, you can be able to get cheap hotels in Victorville. For example, if you are simply searching for a place to sleep and don’t need extra luxuries, then go for those establishments that offer hospitality exchange programs online. If you are an international traveler, consider settling for hotels in Victorville that offer bed and breakfast services. Look up for these kinds of hotels individually on specific websites so as to get the best rates.

Book a traveler’s package

Make use of discount travelling websites to source for budget-friendly hotel rates. A good traveler’s package offers inexpensive rates on train fare, airfare, hotels and car rentals. Break down how much you want to spend on each of these items and determine whether you could be able to save money with a traveler package deal. A good traveler’s package can help you save a considerable amount of money, in particular a type that offers a 5-star hotel at a 2-star rate.

Purchase gift cards at auction websites such as eBay

At certain times of the year, quite a number of hotels in Victorville allow travelers to make low bids on special promotions, extended stay discounts, room rate discounts, and the likes. During this promotion time, hotels allow guests to get special rates on certain services or even for their rooms.

Sign up for hotel memberships or travelling clubs

By becoming a hotel member or joining a travelling club, you can be able to receive emails on special discounts. This way you can be able to pay a rate that is far below what is being charged to other travelers.

Call the hotels in advance

This is one of the best ways to save money during your travels. Prior to booking a room, make sure to call the hotel itself during the office hours to see if it will match or beat the rates you have found online. Sometimes, quite a number of hotels offer extras such as free breakfast, Wi-Fi, late checkouts so as to entice the visitors. By calling hotels in advance, you have maximum flexibility since you don’t have to pay in advance or deal with a third party travel agency in case something goes wrong or you come across a cheaper alternative.

Ensure to know the total cost in advance

Quite a number of hotels charge a resort fee that is often not included in the online quote. Some of them charge for use of the gym, breakfast, and Wi-Fi, though they don’t include this on the online quote. Note also that for hotels that are based in the city centre, the parking fee can be quite high, something that end up escalating your travelling expenses. To avoid unwanted surprises, make sure to inquire about which fees are included and how much they will cost you in the long run.