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Are You On A Tight Budget But Still Want To Travel?

Are You On A Tight Budget But Still Want To Travel?

How much one should budget per day on an epic round the city trip or just a week long holiday is the million dollar question. Of course the answer is intensely personal and depends on various circumstances. If you are looking to travel to Victorville city and are still on budget, then below are a few tips to help you get it right:


Pack well

You can be light on your feet but you won’t be light in the wallet. It makes sense to pack light because this can save you loads of trouble at the airport and wherever you will go. It can even be more powerful if you avoid checking luggage altogether. There will be nothing like heading to the customs and the exit, right past all the troubles at the carousel.

Asking how much

It is interesting how people often forget to ask how much a service or item costs. It could be a restaurant meal, bus ticket, cup of coffee, souvenir or pint. While abroad, don’t take anything for granted especially if you are visiting popular destinations like Victorville. And there is no such city without its own unique things which can sometimes be expensive.

Avoid high peak seasons

This could be the herd mentality. Nothing can doom a trip than finding the presence of thousands of other tourists looking to fulfill the same holiday fantasy. It can be tricky visiting Bonita Falls in January, Route 66 in March or Victor Valley Memorial Park in November, but if you make the effort, you will definitely benefit from lower prices, and less people on the ground.

Dine with the locals

A good thing about dining with locals in Victorville city is that they will always take you to places where you can get a bang for your buck. And it cannot be fun if you don’t learn their culture, customs and a bit of the languages. In fact, the tour won’t be complete without all these. Make the most of your trip by dining with the locals; they will save you a lot of trouble or hassle.

Limit your travel movements

You will be surprised at how much you will save if you choose to limit your movements to only great places within the Victorville city. In fact, just keep it tight and compact. Don’t voyage out too far if budget is not on your side. Just hop from one tourist attraction to another until it is time to circle back and fly home. A trip to Victorville can be surprisingly cheap if you consider the above point and more so, if you do it off season in March and April.

Take public transport

This is one obvious tip but also one that many people ignore. A local train or bus is your best bet. Other transport options can blow holes in your budget in a way that you wouldn’t believe. Hey! You also want to take better stories home, so why not ride with residents?


You may not be a fan of cynical bargaining in order for you to prove a point or screw over a local artisan in the process. Even if this is true, there comes a time when a haggle can make absolute sense and to your surprise, it is totally expected by the other party. Many service providers in Victorville are more than willing to offer discounts, so they can make more sales.

Watch the currency exchanges

Don’t expect to save a fortune by complaining over currency exchanges. However, a little resourcefulness can go a long way. Pinch a penny here and there and the next thing you know, you got enough for an extra pint, souvenir or an artwork in the city. It is also prudent to use cash whenever you are traveling to a new place. There is nothing wrong about carrying a low interest card with you, but keeping a stash of bills on you is crucial.


There is nothing wrong about leaving a tip, but if you feel it can affect your budget, just do without it. And it can feel as insult if you don’t know the local tipping customs in Victorville. So, research and know the tipping customs if you have to give a tip.

Book accommodation wisely

In Victorville, California, there are a myriad of options when it comes to accommodation. You don’t need to think of spending your days in a facility just because it feels at the top of the world and money is the limiting factor. And because you are on budget, it is always prudent to go for cheap accommodation in the city.

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