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7 Great Places You Must Visit In Victorville

7 Great Places You Must Visit In Victorville

Traveling is one of the most fulfilling adventures one can take on. It gets better if you are traveling around a place full of friendly people and nice things to see. ‘A treat for the eyes’ as most sigh seeing enthusiasts like to call it. It therefore makes perfect sense to find a place complete with all the basic amenities around and a little bit of adventure to spice up everything. Victorville, California fits that description. It is one of those cities that one steps in and doesn’t want to leave. The weather’s perfect, the people are nice and there’s plenty to see and do. You simply won’t get bored. You may not even have enough time to explore and enjoy everything the city has to offer. With that in mind, do not leave without visiting any of the following places.

Bonita Falls

Split into three breathtaking tiers, and a canyon set naturally above two extra waterfalls, Bonita Falls is without a doubt Victorville’s main delight. The two falls appear during the rainy seasons, mostly from January to late May. They sometimes flow in June, but this hardly happens. Strangely, the sight is still a treat for the senses with or without the waters. The place is quiet, for those who wish to drive there and spend time alone outdoors.

Route 66 Museum


If you are a Victorville resident, then you know what Route 66 is all about. It’s the lifeblood of Victorville’s tourism. The drag itself is a tourist attraction and it also leads to other major attractions. Keep in mind that there are lots of museums along Route 66. One of them however, beats the rest. It goes by the same name as the drag – Route 66 Museum. It features lots of signs and history from ancient times on the road. It also has a photography collection of all the historic attractions on Southern California stretch. It is free to visit!

Barrel House

Barrel House is seconds away from the museum. Like other attractions within and about Route 66, it boasts of a long, rich history. It initially doubled as a jewelry store and a restaurant when it was built in 1914. By 1933 however, it had already be turned into a Liquor store.

Silverwood Recreational Facility

It is hard to put a finger on one hiking trail near Victorville and single it out as the best. There are quite a number that are worth your time and money. There is Silverwood Lake Recreation area with amazing trails along the southern lake shores. The trails are superb both during the day and at night, thanks to canopy forest that provide natural shades. There are also nice lake views at selected points along the trails. The best part however is experiencing wildlife at the facility. Coyotes, mule deers, mountain lions and gray foxes can be easily spotted during the day. There are also bush rabbits, chipmunks and ground squirrels all calling the facility home. You can choose to enjoy the trails for a day or two or linger a little longer and camp there.

Victor Valley Memorial Park

It may sound like a normal park but it isn’t. Age old grinding stones were excavated here, a sure sign that Native Americans once called the park home. But that is not all. There is a cemetery in the park which happens to be one of the first cemeteries in Victory Valley. It is believed that long before the site was made a cemetery, Mormon cattlemen used to graze their livestock there. The park is quiet, making it a good site for lone travelers and photography enthusiasts.

First National Bank

It dates back to 1918 when it first opened its doors to customers. Back then, times were hard. The bank boasted of just 186 depositors from population of 800 that called Victorville home. There was nothing to fear as far as security was concerned, but the bank still went on to install a manganese safe and an electric vault. The bank is no more. What remains of it is just the building which needless to say, is a local treasure.

John Arc Catholic Church

The church features one of the finest architectural structures in Victorville. Its history dates back to 1922 when it was set up as a mission of Barstow. 5 years later, the parish welcomed its first pastor, Father Beary. More than 12 pastors and quite a number of priests have since served the congregation.

Food and accommodations

There are several value priced hotels and motels in Victorville that serve locals and tourists. Going for cheap accommodation is highly recommended for tourists. The service in most of these facilities is always great, the food delicious and the personnel warm and receptive. You won’t have to worry about security or poor services. That is just but one of the many reasons why most Californians do not mind being associated with Victorville!