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6 Quick Tips For Traveling The World Alone As A Woman

6 Quick Tips For Traveling The World Alone As A Woman

Traveling alone usually seems like a very dangerous venture, especially for a woman. And yet, it can be very fulfilling when you need to take time off and just discover yourself and the world. We even have some good movies attesting to this fact. Here are a few tips to help you plan and execute that amazing solo trip that could help you in finding yourself or simply visiting new places on your own.

Get over the fear of traveling alone


It is understandable that you find the idea of a solo trip rather scary, but is it really that dangerous? Women travel the world alone all the time. And while there may be a good reason for your fear, it may pay to note that you are not exactly safe living alone either. The dangers of the world lurk everywhere and they are no reason for you to lock yourself up and never get to experience the beauty of the planet. So get over your fears and embrace the positive possibilities of a good trip.

Save up for the trip

This is rather basic. A good trip requires some good funding. Also, as a woman it is highly unlikely that the trip will be complete without a shopping spree here and there. This means that before you start the trip you’ll have to plan for it in advance and save up enough money for it. This will make the trip more comfortable and worthwhile for you since you won’t have to worry about a source of funding while you’re away from home.

Plan accordingly, but leave room for unforeseen circumstances

Spontaneity is your greatest pro for traveling solo. This means that you can go anywhere at any time without having to explain yourself or seek permission from anyone. However, it is always good to have some sort of a plan. At least know the places you are likely to visit so that you can do some research and get enough information about what you’ll need for the trip. A good travel plan is also important if you are going abroad since you need to deal with travel documents and necessary health procedures like checkups and vaccinations as well.

Stay connected

The most difficult thing about traveling alone is in terms of being connected with the people that care about you. Just because you want to be alone for some, time does not mean that you need to shut out the world completely. People still need to know that you are fine and that you can actually take care of yourself. Send regular texts or emails, photos of your adventures to get them jealous and even make some phone calls when you can. This will make your trip more worthwhile since you are still connected to home.

Do your homework in advance to save time

Nobody likes to get lost, obviously. So instead of traveling blindly and having to waste time asking for directions, getting lost or reading confusing maps, try looking up the places you intend to visit in advance. Knowing where to go, what to eat and where to find good accommodation or even health care services will surely improve your whole experience.

Keep safe and be vigilant

This is actually the most obvious and yet most difficult part of traveling alone. Most people want to save money while traveling and they end up compromising on their safety. Safe accommodation is not always costly so do your homework and find one within your budget. If you happen to pass by Victorville for example, you can always find some safe yet cheap hotels in Victorville for your stay. In addition, always be extra vigilant on your travels and avoid any areas that are notorious for crimes.