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5 Towns In California Which You Might Not Know They Existed

5 Towns In California Which You Might Not Know They Existed

The first thing that comes into one’s mind when they mention California is San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles. You will probably think these would be the best places to visit when you are in California where there a lot of famous landmarks and theme parks. It is true but there are other lovely spots to visit in California which are often overshadowed by these tourist attractions and this is a little known fact to many. Thus, we have compiled some of the five loveliest towns which you never knew existed in California.

Nevada City


Nevada City which is situated in Sierra Nevada’s Mountains has a great historical background where there was a gold rush town back then. Thus, it has become a historical landmark and the town has made sure to preserve the buildings very carefully. Till this day you will notice that the buildings are often Victorian-style and century-old. You can easily park your car around this town and take a stroll to admire the buildings.

There are also a lot of activities ongoing there as well where you can find clothes, handmade jewelry, books and even delicious cuisines. If you’re fortunate, you might be able to go for their events during this period. Nevada City is known for hosting many exciting events such as Victorian Christmas, Nevada City Bicycle Classic and First Friday Art Walks. It is a truly great place you certainly have to visit.


For wine lovers, a must visit place to go in California is Sonoma. Sonoma is well known for their wines where their town is surrounded by hills with vineyards and is near a central plaza. Many would know it as the place for California’s wine industry. It embodies a lot of rich historyof California where it is part of the Sonoma State Historic Park when it was built in 1824. There are many places to go when you are in Sonoma where it has many fine dining establishments, incredible art, unique shops and casual eateries and dining. It is a wonderful place to come here to experience both history and enjoy the wine that Sonoma has to offer.

Old Town Victorville

Victorville is well known for several famous landmarks such as the Old Sheriff’s office and Spring Valley Lake and of course, the famous California Route 66 Museum. The name originated in the early 1800s where it was established because of the construction of the California Southern Railroad.

Its availability of water and rich abundance of water is what made it become so prosperous in the agricultural sector after the railroad was being built. Furthermore, granite and limestone were discovered there as well. This flourishing town lives up to its name till today where its cement manufacturing industry is one of the most important industry here in Victor Valley.

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Avalon, just like Sonoma, has a rich history but even longer than Sonoma where it goes back to thousands of years ago. It is situated off California on Catalina Island. Many people enjoy going there because of its similarity to the Mediterranean where it has crystal clear waters, lush vegetation and hillside homes. This community has grown into a resort town where it is popular amongst tourists and visitors. Approximately over a million visitors visit Avalon annually for its scenery, outdoor activities, great eateries and even art galleries which you will find on the streets which lined with palm trees. Its temperature climate all year round makes it great to visit Avalon anytime.


You will find yourself back in time when you step into this town. This agriculture and dairy community is in the heart of two redwood forests. This quaint community dates back to the 19th century where they depended on agriculture and dairy as their main source of income. Ferndale has wonderful Victorian buildings which have been left untouched and the colors of the buildings are brightly painted as well.

Here, you will find interesting eateries, art galleries and specialty shops. The other few attractions you should visit when you are here are Lost Coast and Russ Park, which are mostly for nature lovers. These two places is a great place for those who want to tune in to Mother Nature and enjoy the peace and tranquility there.

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