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5 Lakes You Have To Visit in California

5 Lakes You Have To Visit in California

California is well-known throughout the country for its nightlife and city. Apart from that, it also offers beautiful sceneries in its countryside or outskirts which are great for short getaways from the hustle and bustle of the city. One of the few things you must do when you head down to California’s counties is visit the majestic lakes there. Here are some of the top five lakes which we recommend to go to when you are in California.

Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is one of the most popular lakes in California. It is in between the mountains where it has really beautiful sceneries where it is often described as picturesque. There are many visitors who often flock here where they find it very accessible from the city. It is only a two hours’ drive away from Los Angeles and an hour away from the east of San Bernadino. You can find plenty of fun activities to do at Big Bear Lake where they have activities ranging from boating to fishing as well. If you are a first time visitor here, you should book a place near the lake where there are many inexpensive hostels and luxury resorts for you to choose from.

Spring Valley Lake

Victorville’s most notable lake Spring Valley Lake is situated in the high desert of San Bernadino County in Victor Valley Region. It is known to be the “Jewel of the High Desert” where it is within a community where there is a country club as well as an award-winning Club Corps 18-hole golf course. The country club, Spring Valley Lake Country Club often hosts weddings and other private events and amenities for its members as well. It is a very lively area where they are often a lot of things ongoing.

So if you are intending to stay there a bit longer to visit the lake, you might want to search for hotels in Victorville which is within this area for you to explore around. Travel Inn & Suites might be one of the best hotels to head to for accommodation. It is within a walking distance of magnificent restaurants, famous Green Tree golf course, Route 66 museum and the Victorville Fairgrounds and provides great amenities for guests which are well-maintained throughout.

Fallen Leaf Lake


Fallen Leaf Lake is regularly overshadowed by the more popular lakes in the state. However, a fact about Fallen Leaf Lake is that it is well known for its crystal clear waters. Its glacier formed valley stretches for about 3 miles near the southwest corner of Lake Tahoe. It is often known for their water activities where you have a wide variety from fishing to kayaking and water skiing and wakeboarding. If you want to get the real experience of Mother Nature, you can head to their Forest Service camping grounds to camp. Hikers go here to venture into the Desolation Wilderness or use it as a jumping point when scaling mountains like Mt. Tallac.

Mammoth Lakes

This unique lake situated in the Mammoth Mountain in California’s Eastern Sierra is formed by a cluster of seven pristine alpine lakes. Its stunning beauty is mesmerizing and it is one of the hotspots for fly-fishermen where they have a lot of access to so many kinds of fly-fishing waters. Camping here at Mammoth Lakes is also quite popular amongst visitors. The community surrounding Mammoth Lake has made facilities here around the lakes without demolishing the natural beauty. There are hiking trails that leads to other dozen lakes as well as bike trails for cyclists to head to town and to the lakes. It makes it even more convenient for those who want to visit the lakes where there the community offers a local shuttle service which would bring you to and fro from town to the lakes. A great place to bring your family here to spend a day together!

Bass Lake

Another family vacation lake is Bass Lake. Bass Lake is one of California’s best lakes where it offers plenty of fun-filled activities like water sports and all kinds of boating and even a well-taken care of National Forest campgrounds. If you have your own personal watercraft, you can bring your own down to this lake where it is extremely huge as well and also has water skiing too.

It is nearby Yosemite National Park where it is less than 20 miles south from it and it is east of Merced. If you intend to stay around Bass Lake, you might want to explore Oakhurst as well. Oakhurst is less than 10 miles away and is the closest town there. It has small town businesses, stores, restaurants and even a Community Medical Centre as well. If you want to explore a bit further from Bass Lake, there are towns in North Fork and South Fork.