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5 Interesting Tourist Destinations In Victorville

5 Interesting Tourist Destinations In Victorville

Victorville is considered to be the “Key City of the High Desert.” It has a lot of inexpensive motels and hotels for any tourist who expects high quality accommodation at very affordable costs. Thus, a lot of tourists end up spending the night at Victorville after a fun and exciting day in this certain area of California.

There are numerous popular sites that are known to be of close proximity to Victorville. These include the Big Bear Mountain Wrightwood Mountains among others. But oftentimes, these popular spots overshadow the wonderful tourist sites situated in Victorville. Here are some examples of those destinations:

The California Route 66 Museum

Among the top tourist sites in Victorville is the California Route 66 Museum. It is situated along the historic Route 66. The museum has three display rooms. Exhibitions are not permanent as they regularly change from time to time. However, all exhibitions have one theme and that is the development if the route. History of the route started as early as the time of pioneer trails and railroads. The exhibits feature collections of very interesting photographs.

An interesting fact is that the site was used for a Neil Diamond movie, The Jazz Singer. The museum has a gift shop for those who want to take affordable souvenirs. The museum does not charge its guests although donations are more welcome. After all, it is donations that keep the place alive.

The D’Vine Wine Bar

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For those who simply want to chill out and relax, there is the D’Vine Wine Bar. It is located right at the heart of Victorville along Monarch Boulevard. The bar is open every night. Also, it is quite close to other minor tourist destinations including cinemas, restaurants, and hotels. It is very easy to drop by it. Its accessibility makes it popular destinations among numerous travelers.

Not only is it a place from which to great wine, it also features beer, Panini, desserts, and appetizers. It is the perfect place to hang-out especially among groups of friends, relatives, and co-workers. What is another great thing about this place is that it features live jazz on weekends. Nothing beats the combination of jazz, wine, and an awesome Southern Californian environment.

Mojave Narrows Regional Park

Wildlife enthusiasts will love the Mojave Narrows Regional Park. Most tourists are unaware that this park contains more than 1,500 species of wildlife – all of them watchable. Thus, it would be very practical to bring a nice camera to this place. A lot of tourists enjoy capturing wildlife as well as beautiful nature scenes. The numerous willow and cottonwood trees are among the trademark of the park. The park also has two lakes that not only is abundant with fish but are also a hang-out spot for a number of migratory birds. The place is best toured on a horse. Horses and ponies can be rented. Aside from horseback riding, another popular activity here is camping. A lot of tourists choose to spend a night or two here in the park.

Cinemark 16 Victorville

For those movies who cave movies, there is the Cinemark 16. It can be quite surprising for most people to spot this newly-remodeled theatre in the area with all its modern seats and features. A tip for those who are interested in discounts – watch the matinees or the afternoon shows. The concessions are not really getting the hype from tourists.

Nevertheless, the theatre is always being praised for being clean. This is a perfect destination for those who need to spare some time while – like when waiting for their car to get washed or whenever they need to stay indoors and wait for the hot sun to go down. The theatre is attached to the Mall of Victorvalley. There are a number of Cinemarks in the area but this one is considered to be better than them.

High Desert Center For The Arts

Anyone who is interested in the arts should consider dropping by the High Desert Center for the Arts. It is a fun place where families can spend time together watching interesting and very memorable plays. Actors, both adults and kids, really train hard in order to give their best performance for interested audience. Watching stage plays are perfect alternatives to get kids off their gadgets for a little while. Early this 2015, the center would be presenting a 10 year celebration play entitled, Again from the Top. Reservations can be made by calling the office. Tourists should make sure they avail the discounts for seniors and students.

These are just some of the great places around Victorville that most tourists might be unaware of. If you ever stay at Victorville, you should really take time to drop by these sites. Do you have a place to stay for your Victorville vacation? If you do not have one yet, you might want to stay at Travel Inn & Suites. A reputable motel in Victorville, Travel Inn & Suites can ensure a nice and comfortable stay for you.